A Day In The Life

08 29 by Stephanie Gibney


This year, I decided to take the leap and focus on my branding and redo my website to up my marketing game. With the website redesign and bringing on a Marketing & PR firm you get a lot of recommendations and folks in the biz insisted that the new website had to have a blog to share my story and general curiosity in pretty much everything. I know what you’re thinking, because I thought it, too… “who is going to want to read an outsourced accounting and tax blog?” Well, I will have you know, I personally read about 16 accounting and tax blogs along with various management books and business related magazines. So, the answer is me and other accounting dorks. While I personally find them riveting, I do not think it’s a topic that needs my input, especially in blog form. So that’s not what this blog will be about.


The concept for “A Day in the Life” actually came about years ago when I was with my first CPA firm. It evolved from some musings among my colleagues Kylie and Brad, fellow auditing assistants on my team at the time, late one night during a particularly rough tax and audit season that also involved peer review.


This particular night, it must have been 10 pm on a Friday, and when I get tired I get…well, hilarious in my opinion. I started in on something about how college didn’t really truthfully illustrate what being an accountant would be like. The most important things, removing all the staples from the client originals before putting them in the copy machine so you didn’t tear their invoices, preparing the list of items the client needed to turn in BEFORE the audit only to receive less than 40% the day the audit was supposed to start, and OF COURSE staying at work until 10 pm on a Friday night because the partner in charge thought that was the best time to prepare for peer review. We then started about compiling a list of other professions that had to be way more awesome than being an accountant…Starbucks Barista, Gas Station Attendant, High School Janitor, as a means of defusing what otherwise would have been a stressful situation.


Still to this day, every tax season for 14+ years, when the season is really at its peak – calling for 14+ hour days – I still make that list. This year my list is about other business owners and how their businesses just HAVE TO BE a party all the time, super easy. I picture these business owners just showing up when they want and rolling in the dough. So that’s what I decided to blog about.


Over the course of the next few months, I’ll reach out to fellow business owners whose businesses, in my mind, seemed like a desirable switch. After spending “a day in their life,” was it all I had envisioned?


I hope this proves to be more interesting than a tax or accounting blog, and a fun break for you, too, from your nine-to-five.