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Accountant Anna Trainer, Published in Journal of BioGeography

Posted by Stephanie Gibney on August 30, 2013

The team at Accounting 4 DC is no doubt a talented, smart group with a wide range of interests and backgrounds. One of our Accountants, Anna Trainer, also studies biogeography in her free time when she’s not providing world class accounting services to our clients.


Anna’s first research article was recently published in the Journal of BioGeography. The article, entitled, “The fundamental hominin niche in late Pleistocene Central Asia: a preliminary refugium model,” examines hominin presence in Central Asia during the late Pleistocene in order to identify the abiotic characteristics that best predict site distribution during interglacial and glacial periods. The goal of the research is to build a preliminary framework for climate-mediated hominin dispersals in this understudied part of the Old World.


Anna has a graduate degree in Biological Anthropology. She volunteers in the Human Origins Exhibit at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. She gives tours on Fridays so feel free to stop by for answers to all of your Neanderthal and fossil questions!


We are extremely proud of Anna and excited about this outstanding accomplishment! To read the complete article, please click here

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Accountant Anna Trainer, Published in Journal of BioGeography

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