Choosing the right Halloween costume

10 23 by Stephanie Gibney


Choosing a Halloween costume is really a year round decision.  You always want to be on the lookout for that perfectly clever costume that wows everyone at the party.  When you’re looking for an outfit there are some rules that you’re going to want to follow: Don’t go too topical.  I understand the impulse, there’s a hot topic trending right now that you want to hop on.  But going too topical is the equivalent of going to a concert wearing the t-shirt of the band you’re going to see.  Give it a little more thought.


1. You don’t want to be the 5th Miley Cyrus  twerking costume at the party.


2. Think about comfort.  How much comfort are you willing to sacrifice for a good costume?  That horse head mask might seem funny, but might become a regret after a few hours sweating it out in there.  Likewise the nearly naked route, freezing in the name of a sexy outfit.  Nothing is sexy about hypothermia.  Lastly, walking should be a concern.  Unless your plan is to plant for the night, give some thought to mobility.


3. Some things should not be sexy.  I’m not saying that you can’t wear anything sexy.  You did those crunches, you’ve earned the right to show some abs.  Just avoid the common mistake of trying to turn an unsexy idea in to a cabaret costume.  As a general rule, avoid cherished childhood memories.  No one ever thought to themselves that Bert and Ernie need to show more skin.


4. Dignity.  Try to protect it.  When dressing up yourself and your pets, keep dignity in mind.  Especially for your pets.


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