Interning at Accounting 4 DC—A Different Style

12 30 by Lindbo Yao


Our blog post this week comes to us from one of our Fall Semester Interns, Linbo Yao. Linbo is a college senior at Liberty University majoring in Accounting. We enjoyed having him as an intern and wish him all the best in the future!


 Before I came to Washington DC, I had never worked in any accounting firms and I did not have any accounting related work experiences. Since I mainly focused on my studies at Liberty University, I did not have any practical accounting experience. As my first time interning, I am really thankful that I was able to intern at Accounting 4 DC during the Fall semester 2013. To be honest, I was expecting to work in a big company where I would have more hands-on accounting related experiences. However, working for Accounting 4 DC, I realized even though I worked in a small business, I could learn more than I expected to. Before I came to Accounting 4 DC, I had only learned one accounting software, called Peachtree. During the time I worked at Accounting 4 DC, I learned how to use QuickBooks and ActionStep, which helped me gain the knowledge of multiple types of software for accounting. In addition, after I knew how to use these programs, I really enjoyed the hands-on experience not only in the office, but directly working with clients. For a person like me, who had no experiences in accounting, it was a big challenge to adapt to a new working environment. The reason I regarded this internship as a challenge is not only because I didn’t have working experience, but also because I often worked with new people. Being in college is so different from working. Fortunately, at Accounting 4 DC, I worked with wonderful people. They are not only colleagues who just work in the office with me, but they are also friends. It is my luck to meet with them. In my mind, wherever we are, friendship is forever.


It is flexible to work at Accounting 4 DC, which helped me really enjoy my time in DC. It was my first time living and working in DC, but I did not really enjoy the city. Compared to the place where I went to college, DC is a big city with different kinds of people. Washington DC is too political for me to live here. Maybe I will like DC in the future but not now. However, I did like my internship. In addition to what I learned about accounting, I learned many important from my colleague. He assigned me “homework”, which was to watch the famous American TV show South Park. He told me it was a great way to get to know American culture. He encouraged me to learn more about American culture if I want to work and live in America. I am so glad I got to meet my colleagues at Accounting 4 DC. Even though we will not be working together any longer, it will be a great memory from my first internship.


I really enjoyed interning here at Accounting 4 DC. People always like to remember the first time when they do something. So do I. My first internship at Accounting 4 DC will always be a wonderful memory and great start to my career life.