Puppy savings

09 20 by Stephanie Gibney

Savings Pic

No, that title does not suggest a puppy based savings plan, although investing in puppies is pretty much never a bad idea.  A common area of financial concern is savings, specifically when to start and how much to save.  I always tell people to start as soon as you can and to save as much as you can.  Let’s say you start hiding bones as a young pup.  By the time you hit the ripe old age of 10, you’ll have a comfortable stockpile.  If you wait until middle age, let’s say 5 or so, then you’ll have to save a lot more.  I understand the excitement of having disposable income for the first time.  You think that life is going to be an endless parade of rawhides.  Eventually you have to stop chasing your tail and get to the hard work of burying a portion of your income in the yard.  While we’re on the topic, make sure to diversify by digging several holes and moving bones randomly.  I don’t trust the look of that Labrador in the next yard.